About me

My name is Shaynee, and I am going to be telling you about myself. My best-friend is Chelsea. We have known each other for almost a year.We call each other sisters and we tell each other our problems. My favorite song is We Cant Stop. Its written by Miley Cirus. If  I could live anywhere it would be in the country. The reason I would live in the country is because, you don’t have to worry about neighbors and you can hunt,ride,camp,etc and don’t have to worry about the cops.

This years goal for me is to make better grades so that I have more privileges and get to play sports. Keeping my grades up is not the easiest thing for me. I have to really try and pay attention in class. My career goal is to run marathons. The reason  I want to run marathons is because I love to run, and in the 7th grade I won district.  I have ran  5ks before. I ran one for autism and came in second in girls with a time of 25.14. I also  ran one for Camryn Noll.

When you take all these things and wrap them up that’s how you get my one of a kind personality.

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