Shaynee Tyl
English 3rd

You might think I’m just
a fourteen year old
freshman girl
with brown hair
and brown eyes
But I know I am more
way more than that
not a flower or tree
not an animal or car
A Cross Country Course
a long curved cross country course
that extends two-miles into the woods
When I’m down in the dirt
or in the grass
When I go home disappointed
listening to depressing songs on the radio
I am a never ending cross country course
moving very slow
teenagers gasping for air
wanting to get done
But when my trail approaches the finish line
the runners celebrate their victory
my cross country course starts up again
Runner’s faces light up
and present toothy grins again
I become a fast jerking cross country course
with twist and turns
surprising everyone with my sudden moves
I begin to go forward but turn and twist
I’m constantly going
until I get tired
and then that’s where my course ends
I take a breath and start over again
and again
and again
The brown haired,brown-eyed girl
is a cross country course
a slow,fast,twisting cross country course all in one course.