Shaynee Tyl
English 1 3rd
Effects Cell Phones Cause

Mom,I want an Iphone like all my friends they can help you with homework,I can talk to my friends whenever,and I can have internet in the car or wherever.No,Shaynee you’re not getting an Iphone it will affect your life.Cell phones affect people’s life from being anti-social and causes distractions in your life.
Cell phones can cause people to be antisocial in many ways.For example,you don’t talk to your family or spend time with them.After school you get in the car and look at your phone until your mom or dad ask you how school was and you just give a simple answer like good and bad.And during dinner you fix your plate and go and sit in your bedroom while the rest of your family is eating dinner together and socializing and you are in your room texting.Eating in your room and giving simple answers is ways of being anti-social.
Cell phones can also cause distractions in peoples life in many different ways.In addition,while doing your homework or driving cell phones can be a distraction.While doing your homework your phone goes off so you pick it up to check it whether it’s a text or a notification from Twitter,Instagram,Snapchat,or Facebook.Being on your phone while driving can cause you to get distracted an wreck from someone calling or texting you.That’s why you always hear your parents and loved ones say don”t text and drive.Or even when doing your homework your cell phone can cause you to lose focus.Losing focus or causing a wreck are different ways cell phones can be distractions in peoples life.
Therefore,cell phones can cause people to be anti-social and distract them in their life.Because of so many different ways cell phones cause distractions or being anti-social.That’s why parents don’t want to buy their kids cell phones.Not just the fact that their expensive but they don’t want their kids life being affected.