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Shaynee Tyl

1503 Lake Drive, Longview, Tx 75604


Email:[email protected]

Dear Mr. Smith

I have always had the desire to work for you and your fine business at the Finish Line. I am very determined to not only work hard and give you everything I got , but to be an employee that you are very fond with and like to be around, Ever since my seventh grade year when I started running Cross Country and Track and playing Basketball, I have always wanted to work with you. Being apart of such a well rounded business and great work criteria would be both a privilege and an exciting experience.

As an Athlete, I have had a lot experience in buying the right shoes that have the best support for me. Working for you I would like to sell your products, make friends with the customers, and help the customers get the right shoes for them, so they will want to come back . I feel that you should pick me to work for you because I am hard working, and very trustable. I have a lot of friends all around that i could bring in to help the sales of the business.

Therefor I would like very much to speak with you about the position and to show you how much of an impact I can be to this company. If you have an interest in hiring me, you can reach me at Cell:678-366-2426 or Email:[email protected]. I can be reached whenever you feel the need to call me, for I am here at your call.


Shaynee Tyl

1503 Lake Drive, Longview, Tx 75604



Email:[email protected]


I desire to work in retail sales at the Finish line


White Oak High School, White Oak, Texas

Current freshman – 2015

Expected to graduate in 2018


Child Care


•Provide childcare for families after school and while on vacation



•Participate in watching the nursery,helping with communion, involved in youth group


•Varsity Cross Country

•Regional Qualifier-2014

•East Texas Best Preps-2014

•Varsity Track

Volunteer Experience

•Color Run (Color for Camryn)-2013

•Bubbles for Brinlee 5k-2014

•Pink Heals 5k-2014,2015

•Food Drive-2013





Special Skills

•CPR certified

•Work well with Technology


Available when ever needed just give me a call

You might Think I’m

Shaynee Tyl
English 3rd

You might think I’m just
a fourteen year old
freshman girl
with brown hair
and brown eyes
But I know I am more
way more than that
not a flower or tree
not an animal or car
A Cross Country Course
a long curved cross country course
that extends two-miles into the woods
When I’m down in the dirt
or in the grass
When I go home disappointed
listening to depressing songs on the radio
I am a never ending cross country course
moving very slow
teenagers gasping for air
wanting to get done
But when my trail approaches the finish line
the runners celebrate their victory
my cross country course starts up again
Runner’s faces light up
and present toothy grins again
I become a fast jerking cross country course
with twist and turns
surprising everyone with my sudden moves
I begin to go forward but turn and twist
I’m constantly going
until I get tired
and then that’s where my course ends
I take a breath and start over again
and again
and again
The brown haired,brown-eyed girl
is a cross country course
a slow,fast,twisting cross country course all in one course.

Team Players

Shaynee Tyl
English 1 3rd
What a Team player is made up of

For cross country I have a positive attitude and confidence which makes me a good team player and helps me win. At the district meet in Elysian Fields I had confidence,positive attitude in myself and my team. Just like the cross country team any other sport has to have players with a positive attitude and confidence in order to win. A spectacular team player is made up of a positive attitude and confidence.
During cross country season I have a positive attitude toward my coach, teammates, and myself. For example, race day is one of the hardest days for some people because we have to wake up at 5:00am, bring a positive attitude with us and hope everyone shows up. For everyone to show up is good since we practice together,we should race together, waking up at five in the morning makes it more difficult to have a positive attitude toward everyone. In addition, the attitude you bring with you to practice is the attitude you will have for your race,at practice you should have a more positive attitude toward your training. The reason for that is because the way you train is the way you perform on the real day.
Confidence is very important in a team sport and being a team player.For example, to be a good team player you have to believe in yourself that you and your team will win. At the district meet in Elysian Fields I had confidence in my team and myself that we would win district together and advance to regionals as one. Because of our confidence in believing in ourselves and teammates we won district, advanced to regionals, and had one person go to state. Therefore, to be a good team player, the athlete must have confidence in any sport or activity they participate in.
After the race at Elysian Fields the team gathered together to show their attitudes and confidence in every single athlete by telling everyone “.The whole team had positive attitudes and confidence toward each other which makes them a good team player.

Cell Phone Affects

Shaynee Tyl
English 1 3rd
Effects Cell Phones Cause

Mom,I want an Iphone like all my friends they can help you with homework,I can talk to my friends whenever,and I can have internet in the car or wherever.No,Shaynee you’re not getting an Iphone it will affect your life.Cell phones affect people’s life from being anti-social and causes distractions in your life.
Cell phones can cause people to be antisocial in many ways.For example,you don’t talk to your family or spend time with them.After school you get in the car and look at your phone until your mom or dad ask you how school was and you just give a simple answer like good and bad.And during dinner you fix your plate and go and sit in your bedroom while the rest of your family is eating dinner together and socializing and you are in your room texting.Eating in your room and giving simple answers is ways of being anti-social.
Cell phones can also cause distractions in peoples life in many different ways.In addition,while doing your homework or driving cell phones can be a distraction.While doing your homework your phone goes off so you pick it up to check it whether it’s a text or a notification from Twitter,Instagram,Snapchat,or Facebook.Being on your phone while driving can cause you to get distracted an wreck from someone calling or texting you.That’s why you always hear your parents and loved ones say don”t text and drive.Or even when doing your homework your cell phone can cause you to lose focus.Losing focus or causing a wreck are different ways cell phones can be distractions in peoples life.
Therefore,cell phones can cause people to be anti-social and distract them in their life.Because of so many different ways cell phones cause distractions or being anti-social.That’s why parents don’t want to buy their kids cell phones.Not just the fact that their expensive but they don’t want their kids life being affected.

Extreme Emotion

Shaynee Tyl
English 1 3rd
The Importance of Extreme Emotion
Hold on Susan,this idiotic guy just turned into my lane without a turn signal. Wow dealing with road rage it is important to think about,the importance of dealing with extreme emotion. Extreme emotion can cause people anger and to panic in a situation like that.
Have you ever been so mad that you would do anything to let all the anger out? For example,my brother and I are messing around in the house and my brother breaks my mom’s favorite vase that her grandmother gave her.And it was a tradition to pass it down to every granddaughter. My mom screamed at the top of her lungs when she found out what happened to the vase. Instead of us both taking blame together,he blamed it on me. I was reamed and grounded for two weeks. Since,my brother lied to our mom about breaking the vase it made me even more angry. All I wanted to do was snitch on my brother for what he did. But instead I held my anger in and took it like a women. Therefore, in such situations that involve anger and blame, it is important to control these emotions so that you don’t blame or take your anger out on each other.
Have you ever been in a basketball game and been down by two points and panicked? For example,when we played Spring Hill we were down by two points in the last quarter. It was 24 to 26 with 30 seconds left on the clock. Kyla gets the ball and chunks a three pointer up and it goes in right as the buzzer goes off. We jumped out of our seats on the sidelines when the basketball went in and the buzzer went off right after. The whole team watched the scoreboard to see if it counted and then ran into a big huddle when the score changed to 27 to 26 with our heart racing from panicking. As in Kyla’s case, controlling extreme emotion by not panicking with fear in a situation like this is important because panicking could have messed her up. Therefore, in such situations that involve panicking, it is important to control these emotions so that you don’t panic and cause a mistake.
Therefore,taking your anger out or panicking can lead to extreme emotion when panicking during extreme road rage. An anger cause of people not using blinkers or not being careful.

Slope project

Slope project

Alcohol Presentation

Smoking machain project

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