Shaynee Tyl
English 1 3rd
The Importance of Extreme Emotion
Hold on Susan,this idiotic guy just turned into my lane without a turn signal. Wow dealing with road rage it is important to think about,the importance of dealing with extreme emotion. Extreme emotion can cause people anger and to panic in a situation like that.
Have you ever been so mad that you would do anything to let all the anger out? For example,my brother and I are messing around in the house and my brother breaks my mom’s favorite vase that her grandmother gave her.And it was a tradition to pass it down to every granddaughter. My mom screamed at the top of her lungs when she found out what happened to the vase. Instead of us both taking blame together,he blamed it on me. I was reamed and grounded for two weeks. Since,my brother lied to our mom about breaking the vase it made me even more angry. All I wanted to do was snitch on my brother for what he did. But instead I held my anger in and took it like a women. Therefore, in such situations that involve anger and blame, it is important to control these emotions so that you don’t blame or take your anger out on each other.
Have you ever been in a basketball game and been down by two points and panicked? For example,when we played Spring Hill we were down by two points in the last quarter. It was 24 to 26 with 30 seconds left on the clock. Kyla gets the ball and chunks a three pointer up and it goes in right as the buzzer goes off. We jumped out of our seats on the sidelines when the basketball went in and the buzzer went off right after. The whole team watched the scoreboard to see if it counted and then ran into a big huddle when the score changed to 27 to 26 with our heart racing from panicking. As in Kyla’s case, controlling extreme emotion by not panicking with fear in a situation like this is important because panicking could have messed her up. Therefore, in such situations that involve panicking, it is important to control these emotions so that you don’t panic and cause a mistake.
Therefore,taking your anger out or panicking can lead to extreme emotion when panicking during extreme road rage. An anger cause of people not using blinkers or not being careful.